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Rock N' Roll Guitar




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Rock N' Roll Guitar



Side A

Trucking Rockabilly Blues
C.C. Rider
Get Down, Lulu
C.B. Rocket

Side B

Home Fries
Humboldt County
House Of The Rising Sun


David Bennett Cohen rhythm & lead giutar, piano, organ
Chuck Vincent bass, vocal on Corinna
Chris Lockheed Drums
Jane Richardson percussion, vocal on House of the Rising Sun
Marty Balin vocal on C.C. Rider

Released by Kicking Mule Records, Inc. 1977

Kicking Mule KM 153

Produced by David Bennett Cohen

Engineered by Mark Needham

Recorded at Bear West Studios, San Francisco, CA

Photos: Cover - Jon Sievert, Liner - Mick Laska

Front Cover Design - Mouse

Special Thanks to:

ED Denson, Doyle Williams, Michael DeLeone, Mel Priestly & Cherokee Cohen

All tunes by David Bennett Cohen, Kicking Mule Publishing, Inc. 1977 except;

C.C. Rider, Corinna & House of the Rising Sun, (Traditional Arranged by David Bennett Cohen)