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The Connection




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The Connection



Side A

Action Speaks Louder Then Words

(Gordy, Davis) Arc Music BMI


(Barbour; P Lee) Critenon Music Corp ASCAP

Love Is Waiting

(Cohen; Walker) Rich Hen Music BMI

This Pain In My Heart

(Willie Dixon) Arc Music BMI

The Runaround

(Cohen; Richardson) Rich Hen Music BMI

Side B

Birds Of Paradise

(Cohen) Rich Hen Music BMI

Another Side To This Life

(Fred Neil) Third Story Music BMI

A Toast To Lovers

(Danny Overbea) Arc Music BMI

City Boy Blues

(Cohen) Rich Hen Music BMI

Cocaine Lil

(Music by D. Cohen, words anonymous) Rich Hen BMI


David Bennett Cohen Guitar, Piano, Organ
Chuck Vincent Bass; Vocals
James Levi Drums; Percussion
Mark Isham Trumpet; Synthesizer
Pee Wee Ellis Tenor Sax (solo on "Action Speaks Louder Than Words")
Bruce Williamson Alto, Tenor Sax; Clarinet
Patricia Isham Violin; Viola
John Tenney Violin
Greg Douglass Slide Guitar ( on "Another Side Of This Life)


Special Appearance by Robbi Collins; Vocals on:

"Action Speaks Louder Than Words"; "Love Is Waiting"; "A Toast To Lovers", & "The Runaround"

Background Vocals: Robert "Buddha" Winters, Tina Zenon, Annie Stocking

Horns and Strings Arranged by Mark Isham

Background Vocals arranged by Robert "Buddha" Winters


Released by Bullseye Records

Rag Baby B-8442

Produced by David Bennett Cohen

Engineered by Mark Needham

Recorded at Bear West Studios

Mixed at Different Fur Studio

Photography by Michael Maggid

Cover Art by Kelly

Special Thanks to Don Mack, Howard Johnston, Jane Richardson, Yancey Walker, Sara C. Cohen

This album is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Max Cohen